Manage all of your Customers and their locations in one place.


Manage your Contractors based on Customer Locations.

Remote Connections

Manage your remote connection settings for each Customer Location.


Manage all devices from Cameras to Door Locks in one place.


DeviceMGR is a Device Manager focused for Access Control and Surveillance Equipment. This software keeps all the important information in one place for all of your customers, allowing your technicians to save time when working remotely and have all the information they need.


DeviceMGR is a SQL based Web Application that uses MVC5 framework.


DeviceMGR is a role based Application to prevent unauthorized changes to data.

Mobile Friendly

DeviceMGR works on any device to see your data in the field and the office.

Device Types

Access Control

Track door devices from Handle types, Locks, Strikes, Readers, REX, and controllers.


Track cameras, connection types, power supply types and other important information.


Track the Network setup and layout within the same Application.

Remote Technician

One screen shows a remote technician everything they need to troubleshoot and escalate an issue to a contractor or onsite technician.

Alpha Testers

CTS is looking for Alpha Testers to help test DeviceMGR. Contact us for more information.

Alpha Testing